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These are the attributes that make the best companies. But to be a truly great company, an inspirational company, you must have a management team that outperforms all others. This team is more critical to your success than your finances, your market opportunities, even your products. Without superior management team, your goals will remain out of reach. The difference between Good and Great is qualitative, not quantitative.

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At Rushmore Judge, we believe change and results are created when working together. We have a deep understanding of what it takes for leaders to change organizations, industries and the world. Our impact-driven approaches will enable you to be bold, a visionary and a game-changer.

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"We have a number of Subsidiaries, each with a President, but we wanted these Executives to wear an additional hat as a Senior Vice President of Noranda Forest as a whole--the Changeleaders process helped us succeed. No question."

Linn Macdonald - President and CEO, Noranda Forest Inc., Toronto, Canada.

"During the last year and a half of implementation of our long-term strategic direction, we used the Changeleaders process to align Executives and their teams and develop enhanced leadership skills--this has given our company a proven process for leading our people into the 21st Century."

John Donaldson - Managing Director The Thomas Cook Group, London, U.K.

"The Changeleaders process helped Ultragaz establish and operationalize a Global Vision. This process helped us coalesce the Executive team around the vision and champion the implementation through a comprehensive set of actions and measures. The greatest benefit that I see from this process is that we now are able to track a set of change actions and how they relate to the achievement of our Global Vision."

Paulo Cunho - President and CEO Ultragaz, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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RushmoreJudge. is located in Toronto, CA and services executives across North America & Europe.

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