Executive Alignment

It only makes sense that when everyone pulls in the same direction, goals are most likely to be attained. Even with an inspired and motivated executive team, it isn’t always clear that intention is aligned with outcomes – that the stated mission of the company is identical in the mind of each of the company’s most influential leaders. Missed goals and missed opportunities can often be attributed not to incompetence but to misalignment of intentions at the most senior levels.

Working with the CEO's vision, and a broad understanding of the market and resources, we develop extensive questionnaires which, when administered by our experienced consultants and advisors, uncover misunderstandings and hidden drains on corporate energy. The mission becomes each leader’s personal guarantee, or vow, of execution simply because it is clear and attainable.

Our unique experience with uncovering what's real and authentic quickly identifies sources of misalignment in intention and in the allocation of resources. The energies of the corporation can be better directed to what's important and profitable.