Change Managment

Sometimes an organization needs not just to change, but to undergo a total transformation. It could be because of massive changes in the marketplace, dissonance in the executive ranks, or completely unforeseen financial events. Or it could be because the organization is not performing the way you know it can and should.

Organizational transformation is nothing less than reinventing the Company. By deeply probing the internal and external realities, the culture, the business model, the organizational structure, and anything else that's important, we help to create a series of transformational steps. Anything in the way to the future state becomes fair game in the effort to reinvigorate the Company.   The fusion of intellectual and emotional energy of the combined leadership team is overpowering and, channeled correctly, a force that can attain the desired state.

The Program requires a twelve month commitment and, in addition to organizational transformation, includes focus on individual development as well and team effectiveness.