G. Michael Wolkensperg

When Frank Stronach, the Founder of Magna International, needed someone to create a personnel function for his company he called on Michael Wolkensperg. It was the late 70s and the Company already had over 2,000 employees at over 35 locations, in US and Canada. Michael designed, implemented, and administered the universal Profit Sharing Plan, and installed one of the first computerized HRI Systems in Corporate Canada.

In the mid-80s Michael left to run an Executive Search Practice in downtown Toronto and later joined the Phillips Group, and HR Consultancy with three offices, to take responsibility for the company wide executive search practice.

In 1992 he founded RushmoreJudge and began to build a successful, multilayered executive talent search and development practice. The Executive Coaching Program was started in 1996 and continues to be the prime practice area for the company.

Today, Michael is the CEO and President of RushmoreJudge.